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Helpful items when pumping away from your baby

If you are pumping away from baby you will want a few designated items. These of course are not required, but they can make your life a little easier!


Pictures or videos of your baby

I don’t know about you but my phone is FULL of pictures of my kiddos. Being away from your baby can be stressful, especially while trying to pump for them. This can inhibit the milk making hormones like oxytocin and prolactin. Looking at pictures or videos of your baby can help with this. 

Pump Bag

This can be a bag you have already or there are bags specifically for pumps. I really like the Sarah Wells bags. These can be pricey but they have plenty of pockets and you don’t even need to remove the pump from the bag to use it! 


Wet Bags

I also like to use wet bags. Sarah Wells makes them or there are some on Amazon​. These are plastic lined on the inside and machine washable to store dirty pump parts. The Sarah Wells ones come with a staging mat, so you have a CLEAN area for your pump parts as you are setting up. 


Insulated Cooler - You only need this if you do not have access to a refrigerator. If you already have a small cooler for picnics or tailgating, that works great! Make sure to use plenty of frozen icepacks. According to the CDC, breastmilk can be safely stored in an insulated cooler with frozen icepacks for up to 24 hours. 

  • There is such a thing as specific breastmilk coolers–but there’s really no need for them. Any insulated cooler will do!

  • PRO TIP: If you do have access to a communal refrigerator at work, but don’t want people messing with your breastmilk, just put it in your lunch bag or bring a second lunch bag! Breastmilk camouflage!

  •  Ceres Chill - This gizmo is a double walled, stainless steel cup to keep your breastmilk cold for up to 20 hours. It can hold 12-24oz of breastmilk! Now, this is a  splurge, but if you don’t have access to a refrigerator and you are going to be pumping away from baby often, it might be worth it to you! 

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Travel Drying Rack

This isn’t a necessity but it can be nice to wash your bottle and pump parts! This also keeps them stored safely. You will also want Soap, basin and bottle brush to wash pump parts and bottles. See the video below about how to safely wash your pump parts!

Breast Pump and Bottle wipes
(Dapple and Medela)

Best practice is to thoroughly wash pump parts and bottles with warm water and soap.  But these are an option if water and soap are not available. 


Cleaning bottles and pump parts

Need more help? Let's work together!

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Registered Nurse, Courtney regularly uses her personal breastfeeding experience, along with evidence-based research, to help educate and support the families she works alongside.

Courtney offers in-home consultations in the Raleigh, North Carolina area as well as virtual lactation consultations world wide. 

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